I loved you the minute I knew I was pregnant. I loved you the minute you were born. Then I saw your face and fell in love some more. You were only a minute old but I knew I would die for you & to this day I still would. When you choose to have a child you make a conscious decision to allow your heart to walk around outside your body. Then if something happens to that child and you have to bury him a part of you dies with him

Jake was my youngest son who was killed on June 17, 2010. He was 40 years old but still "my baby". Left to tell his story are Mollye and Mike, Jake's mom and step-father; Skip and Jill, his dad and step-mother; his two sisters Lori and Shari, and his brother Buddy.

I hope you will get to know Jake as a person and what an awesome person he was. My wish is that you might leave here feeling just a bit more blessed from reading our memories of Jake our son, our brother and our friend.

The purpose aside from paying tribute to Jake is to honor those who were a part of Jake's life. Friends he loved and friends who loved him and who loved us through our heartbreak. I especially acknowledge in love Jake's Home Depot Family.

Thank You For Visiting Jake's Story and God Bless You, mizmollye

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another "WOW" Time With Jake

You all understand the first year after losing a loved one is a year filled with "anniversaries" and special times spent with that person and when the event falls around for the first time after, you relive that time minute by minute remembering everything said and felt.

Such is the case now as The Louisiana State Fair begins for 2010. Nothing magical about the occasion a year ago, but looking back a year. WOW. Buddy and Jessica were due to move to Mobile the following day and the four of us; them and Jake and I went to the state fair and rodeo. OK it was fun then. But little did any of us know it would be the last time we would go to a fair with Jake. It now seems precious. Magical. Surreal. Monumental.

I can taste the ice cream bar Jake is happily devouring.

I can feel the pride Jake felt as he showed us the bed of Mums he designed and planted as the Horticulturist for The City of Bossier City for a display at the fairgrounds.

I can hear the laughter of the children and see Jake's smiles at the fun they were having.

I can hear Jake's laughter.

I can feel his hugs.

I can feel our silliness as he modeled the huge crochet hat I had made and while crocheting the thing (which was supposed to be a slouch hat) lost count of my stitches which made it big enough to fit a toilet seat!

I can hear all his "Wow's" as he thrillingly watched the bull riders.

I can remember all the times he checked his texts to see if a new girlfriend had texted him.

I recall the "far enchanted" looks on his face when we knew he was thinking about the first kiss he had recently shared with her. A big WOW!

And on the flip side, I can again as a hopefully "normal" reaction feel all the "I wishes" such as;

wish I'd hugged him more

wish I'd laughed with him more

wish this and wish that.

But it is what it is. We go about our lives each and every day not thinking it might be the last of such that we will ever get to do with that one we love.

We say we will cherish each day and live it as though it were our last. But do we do that always?

No. We forget. We begin to be "normal" again and we take for granted. We're human.
We can't ever get a "do-over" here on earth but when we know we know we are a Child of the King, we know we will have an eternal do-over. And that is what keeps us going.

My lesson from today's little rememberance.

Live each day satisfied. Not always wanting more ice cream, another cotton candy, more money to ride. Enjoy your ice cream with sprinkles, enjoy the fun of others and above all else

... Stop long enough to smell the Mums!

Jake sure did!


  1. Oh how well said. Love the lesson in this. Love that being in Shreveport now - is the sprinkles on my ice cream. The more memories we build - the richer we are ! I love you mother and your trulty is - an example of "Amazing Grace".
    Love Your Daughter ~ Lori

  2. Mollye this is a wonderful post (and blog) and your love for Jake and your family shows through every word. I feel your pain, it reminds me so much of my first year.....Scotty died Nov 1, 1995 at age 26 and I still miss him so much. A part of my heart went home with him. The holidays will be hard sweetie, surround yourself with people you love and who love you.....:-) Hugs

  3. You write so beautifully Mollye. Iknow your children received that gift from you because Shari and Buddy write just like you! Full of love and truth. I love knowing you. I have been an awful friend lately, feeling sorry for me! I feel so badly. God Bless You! I hope I can get settled very soon so I can plan to visit more with you. Anne

  4. I know your son is looking down and very proud of his mother.


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