I loved you the minute I knew I was pregnant. I loved you the minute you were born. Then I saw your face and fell in love some more. You were only a minute old but I knew I would die for you & to this day I still would. When you choose to have a child you make a conscious decision to allow your heart to walk around outside your body. Then if something happens to that child and you have to bury him a part of you dies with him

Jake was my youngest son who was killed on June 17, 2010. He was 40 years old but still "my baby". Left to tell his story are Mollye and Mike, Jake's mom and step-father; Skip and Jill, his dad and step-mother; his two sisters Lori and Shari, and his brother Buddy.

I hope you will get to know Jake as a person and what an awesome person he was. My wish is that you might leave here feeling just a bit more blessed from reading our memories of Jake our son, our brother and our friend.

The purpose aside from paying tribute to Jake is to honor those who were a part of Jake's life. Friends he loved and friends who loved him and who loved us through our heartbreak. I especially acknowledge in love Jake's Home Depot Family.

Thank You For Visiting Jake's Story and God Bless You, mizmollye

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Have you ever known someone that regardless of the place, reason or event everyone wanted to HUG?

Jake was that kind of guy. He was a hugger. He like to give really small tender hugs to everyone. Man or woman and age or the length of time he'd known you didn't matter, he would just give a handshake if it were a man and reach out for a slight hug. If it were a female he'd forego the handshake and just hug. But while Jake's hugs were slight, he loved to be hugged tightly and this is what most everyone did to him. You could just predict it.

Another predictable of Jake's was his phrases. He never left from talking to anyone that he did not say "God Bless You". And of course most folks said in turn "God Bless You Too". He also said this to people far enough away who could not even hear him. Someone who let him have the rightaway in turning or someone who gave him a friendly wave while driving. I don't even think he said this from habit. He truly wanted God to Bless everyone. He was working with our bird; a Sun Conure named Louise to repeat the phrase. So everytime he visited us upon leaving he told Lou several times "God Bless You". She has not repeated it yet, but these birds have such a long life span I feel she will begin saying it before she is really old. We continue Jake's legacy of Blessing Lou often now.

The next phrase or "Jakeism" as one of his co-workers refers to is "Bless His/Her Heart". When he was at a loss for words or rather than saying something unkind about someone, he simply smiled and said "Bless His Heart". Then if the other person had been gossipy he stopped in his tracks upon hearing Jake want to Bless them as who can talk badly about someone when the other person is wanting to bless them. And I've been with Jake more than I can count when someone or something has occured to Jake that would make most of us curse and become bitter, and he'd just lower his head a bit, shake his head slightly in bewilderment and softly say "Bless Her Heart".

What on earth can bring out these traits in someone constantly and consistantly? I think NOTHING on Earth can. I know God can and I know God did. Oh please don't get me wrong folks and think this is a bereaved mother who can only see the good in her son and will next think he should be nominated for sainthood. Jake had his faults, his character defects as we all do. He was human. But truly among our family they were so small and far and few between that we really as a whole have a hard time seeing them as anything glaring. He was just a special kind of guy!

And I cannot forget to mention Jake's trademark phrase. WOW! Yes Wow is something Jake said so many times a day you just barely noticed. Anything he found to be good, amazing, unusual, funny, happy, sad, or any emotion you can think of Jake thought it to be WOW! And he drew the word waaaaaaaaay out like WOOOOOOOOW! I will never again hear that word without thinking of Jake and seeing his face either in amazement or disbelief or from just pure bliss.

Predictability...I think it is refreshing.

I've been doing a lot of reading, praying, listening to others and thinking and I believe that when the blast of the shotgun entered Jake's neck that his soul was lifted from his precious body at the same instant he was looking up seeing Jesus, arms wide open welcoming him into heaven, saying "Jake c'mon home" and Jake was trying to say WOW!

I just miss and love my boy like crazy.

Bless His Heart!

TODAY'S LESSON FROM JAKE: What I have learned is to ask God to give me a servant's heart and one that truly cares and then let people know that I care. Caring is contageous and it can change the world one person at a time.


  1. Keep writing Miz M. I love hearing your stories about Jake. It makes him come alive for me.

  2. Would of loved your Jake, as I too love hugs.
    I totally agree with how you see Jake's ending here on earth and beginning there in heaven..Hugs

  3. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet Jake while he was here on earth. I have something else to look forward to when I get to Heaven.

  4. And when you get a moment, look up a song by Mercy Me called "I Can Only Imagine".

  5. Mollye, what a beautiful post. I do hope I get to meet Jake and get a hug and a God Bless You when I get to heaven!


  6. Jake is and always will be very special to me. I have known him since his rebirth. His smile and his excitment for life will always be a reminder to me, that if I am not living life full I am failing.

  7. This was a good one momma. I laughed out loud several times while reading and smiled the whole time. I miss Jake like crazy too. Keep up the good writing! I love you....Shari

  8. Hi Molly, I found your blog through Old Geezer blog. I am following your blog now because I wanted to know more about Jake. And for a loving mom who is going to write his son's tribute is worth it. God bless!!

    Manang Kim

  9. Hi Molly, I am back here. I've wrote an entry for Jake at my blog. If you disagree with it please let me know I will delete it, okey? You and your family are in my thoughts and prayer. God bless!!

    Manang Kim

  10. Hi Molly, thanks for allowing me to write about Jake. I knew our words couldn't suffice the pain that you are experiencing right now but remember always you and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. God bless!!

  11. Came over from Old Geezer's blog. Wanted to say hello. Jake sounds like a sweetheart and I know you miss him horribly. Telling his story is a wonderful tribute--I cried through your first paragraph. Do our kids ever, ever know how much we love them? I admire your courage and especially your honesty. Just wanted you to know, I'm praying for you and your family.


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